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December 08, 2017 - Blog Article
How is 2014 fairing for Canadians?
2014 is turning out to be a successful year for Canadians, especially Albertans. The Alberta Office of Statistics and Information recently released new data showing us just how well off Alberta has been for the past several years. Alberta currently holds the title to being the highest average weekly earners in the country, making a staggering average of $158 more than second place Newfoundlanders. In fact, Albertans make 22 percent over the national average per week. To make matters even rosier, the unemployment rate in Calgary is about 5.5 percent lower than the 7.1 percent Canadian average. While Albertans are heading into the new year with lots to celebrate, the rest of Canada isn't too far behind. According to a new Bank of Montreal  study, half of Canadians are expecting to be debt-free by 2017, allowing more funds to be saved or invested.