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March 03, 2018 - Blog Article
Debt Free Canada On The Horizon Thanks To Commercial Real Estate
It seems that a Canadian Finance Minister grasping at straws for more sensational and pessimistic headlines has now turned his eye on auto financing. This is good news for real estate investors and professionals that can now sleep easier. Although, while it is good to be alert to future potential, threats seem nonsensical as more Canadians grow confident in being debt free sooner. In fact, a new Bank of Montreal study shows more than half of Canadians that are currently in debt expect to be free of it, including mortgages, by 2017. That's on top of the 25% of Canadians which are already debt free. That will make us one of the strongest, healthiest, and wealthiest nations on the planet, with over 60% of citizens free of any debt. Other recent reports continue to show that Albertans are the most confident in getting and staying debt free. So how are they doing it? While wages are good in AB, it certainly isn't dirt cheap to live here either. Affordability may be better than other provinces, with Edmonton certainly remaining more so than Calgary. Still, it's no secret that Albertans love to shop, and it's a full time job keeping up with the neighbors today. However, many have found commercial real estate investment a sweet spot that is enabling them to boost incomes with passive cash flow each month, delivering high double digit returns and wealth building to retire chunks of debt quickly. All of this is helping them to shave down debt and get prepared for retirement early. The most in indebted category is those between the ages of 34-44, and that's normal. This is when individuals and couples begin acquiring homes, cars and other assets, and really start earning. Of course there has been some shadow over publicly traded REITs on a global scale recently due to volatility, and that's exactly why sophisticated investors choose direct investment through partnership vehicles which all of the same benefits of hands-free passive income, but without the volatility.