Edmonton’s New Entrepreneurial Edge Promises Returns for Commercial Investors

EdmontonEdmonton is emerging as one of the most exciting new tech hubs in North America.

Edmonton has already been dubbed as the emerging leader for commercial real estate returns and a top choice for head offices on the continent from 2013 forward, but this is just the tip of the iceberg if you dig into the data.

Impressive returns are already being enjoyed by local investors, with projects in the works set to fuel extended growth and returns for commercial real estate investors for some time. However, all truly sophisticated commercial real estate investors know that competitiveness and future sustainability and growth rely on talent and small businesses.

Luckily it seems Edmonton already has the edge here too…

We’ve heard the breaking news of Apple beginning to make moves by buying tech startups in Canada, and the country’s first ‘7-D’ movie theatre being launched at the West Edmonton Mall, and these are trends only likely to blossom, and quickly. Even more so as we now that Facebook, Microsoft and Google’s biggest fears are missing out on the next hot startup and will have to begin buying up and funding young Edmonton businesses if they hope to retain their positions.

New co-working office spaces like Startup Edmonton are becoming breeding grounds for numerous new startups, and become magnets for all type of investment.

In fact, 12 new startups just launched in hours at Startup Weekend during Alberta Tech Week. Now Edmonton’s Chamber of Commerce is getting in to support the movement with the Ignition Award. Looking at the cycles, this signals Edmonton is in for better absorption and demand for office space in the short term, followed by an increase in demand and profitability in retail or shopping plazas as these startups spread their wings and grow up and more entrepreneurs and venture capitalists flock in.

Even setting aside all of the other myriad of factors and trends working in Edmonton’s favor right now, this new establishment of a serious startup and tech community promises an amazing future for the city, along with extended and sustainable economic growth that could easily propel Edmonton to being the top performer in the nation for the next decade.

This doesn’t mean everyone should become inventors or geeks coding new apps by any means and while fun investing in these seedling companies comes with a huge amount of gambling.

However, sticking to the comfort of commercial real estate investing in the area can offer a handsome share in this growth, while yields continue to go up and equity cushions fatten.