Our core strategy comprises of stabilized income-producing properties, primarily in close proximity to
major markets, that generate strong risk-adjusted returns.

Value-add and Opportunistic:

Our value-add and opportunistic strategies include a combination of stabilized, income-producing assets, along with value-add and development projects that offer the opportunity for greater appreciation. We consider PAD developments, repositioning, renovating and repurposing properties to help boost their occupancy, values and returns. Sustainable strategies are implemented when they create competitive advantages or cost savings.

New Developments

Our new development strategy provides an opportunity to build and own new generation mixed-used commercial real estate in close proximity to major markets. Despite the risks associated with new developments, mixed-use developments provide an excellent opportunity for investors to diversify, thereby reducing risk. Along with providing less risk, mixed-use developments offer higher income and cash flow, thereby higher returns.


ReDev understands the key to any successful commercial real estate project is location and expert asset management. ReDev carefully and diligently locates existing commercial real estate properties in the market, provides the necessary stability and future growth to ensure the assets retain and increase their value.


ReDev Properties Ltd. is a Canadian owned and operated commercial real estate asset management company. Since 2001, ReDev Properties has purchased and managed numerous commercial real estate properties in Canada including Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and more.  At ReDev Properties, we manage, advise, and purchase various commercial real estate in areas all over Canada.  After selling two Edmonton retail properties in recent months, ReDev is looking to buy!  With three mall offers already out in Alberta, ReDev is eager to use their retail strategy to provide maximum return to the industries that offer the services you can’t get online. 
We have owned, developed, managed and sold $2 billion dollars worth of properties. 
Commercial real estate is cash flow and cash flow is the king! this is why ReDev Properties is always in a buying mode, looking for commercial real estate opportunities across Canada focusing on Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia where we already own, manage and have sold commercial real estate.  Our formula to success over the years have allays been network to find a commercial real estate in high traffic or developing area, buy low, increase the value of the property by upgrading the tenants, construction, amenities, and most important inject businesses with high traffic and high time on site like medical practices. The combination works, and over time not only that we are able to much increase the cash flow from those properties but we are also increasing the overall resell value of the property. 

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